Marnie Scott


Marnie Scott and her two adorable children are helping feed kids in Haiti this year through their donations for our Open House.

This is the time of year that I wish everyone lived in Omaha and could come see all of the amazing things we have for sale. It really is something.

Not only did Marnie paint and donate this amazing antique window …

… she also sent some of the products from her line of natural lip and body balms that I can say from experience are SO great.

If you visit her website you will see how many fun and wonderful scents of lip balm she has. Her kids have even designed a special lip balm and are learning all about running a business through the experience.

She also has a great line of natural body balms. Love the natural diaper rash balm!

Check out Marnie and her little entrepreneurs at Simply. Natural.

Thanks Marnie, Serena, and Sawyer for feeding kids in the Rescue Center this Christmas. What a beautiful way to use your talents! :)

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