The Artists For Hope Gallery Show is this Friday. 2 days. We are beyond excited!!!

We hope to share a lot about why we love Haiti so much, why jobs are so important there, and how we can feed starving children through art. With a community like Hot Shops, that truly loves art, this is really going to be a fun and amazing night.

We wanted to give a little sneak peek to show some of the work you can see and purchase Friday night and throughout the month of March.

I have to admit I got a little teary eyed seeing the gallery completely set up yesterday. All of this amazing artwork to help create jobs, feed kids, and bring hope to people living in extreme poverty situations. So thankful to everyone who has been so willing to donate and help.

The items from Haiti are already selling quickly. We have some beautiful paintings, jewelry, baskets, dolls, and more that were handmade in and around Cazale, Haiti.

So many artists stopping in have been commenting on how much they love Jerry’s paintings and jewelry. We are so excited that he is getting so much recognition.

He lives in Cazale and is very talented.

More Artists For Hope items made in Haiti. This table was full the beginning of the week. A lot has sold already. We are hoping it will be completely empty soon.

The beautiful necklaces are made by artist Joey Breed.

This great prayer flag is made by artists Jenn B. Mills and Gerry Klein

I love that photographer Heather Rizzino made this to put up with the photos she donated.

Heather Rizzino’s photos are so striking.

You definitely must be there Friday to check them out!

I love this piece by artist Nicholas Pella.

It’s even more beautiful in person.

This is a close up of another great piece donated by Nick.

This incredible sculpture was donated by artist Susan Woodford.

It is titled “Masculine Grounding Feminine Flowing” and represents the abstract embodiment of balancing one another.

This great photo, “Love Locks” was taken in Florence, Italy by photographer Dawn Kronaizl. Sweethearts write their names on a lock and throw the key into the Arno river to forever lock their love. So sweet.

My youngest daughter has truly enjoyed helping this week. She’s also enjoyed relaxing a bit under the photos and seeing all the artwork.

The American Heart Associations, Art 4 the heart, event will be going on in the gallery across the hall from the Artists For Hope gallery at the same time on Friday night.

Another great reason to see you at the Hot Shops Art Center this Friday. Come see me (Roberta) and artist Dori Settles (who has worked SO hard to help put this all together. Thank you Dori!) and lots of our volunteers and artists at 1301 Nicholas Street, Omaha NE 68104 from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm. See you there!

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