Witness Healing


We had an amazing week in Haiti.

We worked with local artisans, came home with lots of beautiful things to sell, and witnessed a lot of healing in both children and adults.

We will be posting more about our time, but for now we wanted to let you witness some of the healing that takes place every day at Real Hope For Haiti.

This adorable little guy is Dumond. When we were in Haiti a little over a year ago we were  hoping he was going to survive. His legs were split open from Kwashiorkor and he looked completely hopeless. I wanted to believe that he would live and prayed a lot that he would.

This picture broke my heart. Dumond was in so much pain and this little guy kept patting him on the head like he was trying to comfort his friend.

When we got to the Rescue Center and saw him on this visit, I was SO happy. My daughters came to Haiti with us this trip and they instantly fell in love with this spunky little guy. He looked so healthy and smiled ALL the time. It brought tears to my eyes when I remembered what he had gone through and how amazing of a place Real Hope For Haiti is to provide this type of healing every single day.

                                               His smile is the best. thing. ever.

One of the other amazing moments involved sweet little Mitha.

Mitha came to the Rescue Center as an infant with a severe leg malformation.

She has always been adorable, spunky, and funny. She was amazingly mobile and fast and never let anything hold her back. The hope was always for Mitha to have surgery to correct her malformation and be able to walk. On one of our visits last year, this finally became a reality.

A group of visiting doctors was in Haiti and able to perform surgery. They ended up needing to amputate her leg at the knee and she came home to the Rescue Center the same day as her surgery. She healed quickly and was back to her normal spunky self.

This visit we were able to see her new prosthesis. It was so amazing to be able to see her walking and running. It didn’t really surprise us that she could be that fast. Mitha is always fast. :)

We thank everyone who helps this amazing place and who has helped Artists For Hope to provide food and care for these kids.

You are helping kids heal every day. What a gift to get to witness this healing!

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