We have been so thankful and amazed by how giving people have been this year. Artists For Hope started because of a crazy idea of helping kids through art and it’s been so great to see it grow and become what it is. Kids are healing, families are staying together, and artisans are able to put food on their tables through all of your generosity. Thank you!

We had our big Christmas Open House on Monday night. We had more artwork from Haiti, more donations, and more shoppers than we have ever had. We were SO happy because the Rescue Center has had more kids than normal lately and we now have more money to give to them to help.

I didn’t get a chance to snap a picture until well into the night because we had so many people coming in and shopping. I love this night. I love that people give their time to shop for kids and families in Haiti and I love that all of our volunteers get to share stories and information about Cazale and Haiti and all the amazing things going on where we work.

We were so thankful for everyone giving their time and money!

One of our hopes and dreams for AFH has been to start doing Home Parties to sell AFH items and share about AFH and RHFH with people in different parts of the country. We had someone contact us this month to do an Open House in their area. Their kids and neighbor’s kids wanted to help children heal from severe malnutrition in Haiti and they ended up raising over $400 and they are still bringing in more. This warmed our hearts and helped us to see that this dream can be a reality. If you are interested in doing an Artists For Hope Home Party, please let us know and we talk with you to make this a reality soon.

We are thankful for people giving in other parts of the country and sharing more about the kids and families we are working to help.

Just when we were already so filled up by so many generous people and their giving~ the sweetest thing happened while I was at our church yesterday.

An adorable little four year old boy who knows we work in Haiti stopped me to give me this quarter. He had been given this quarter and instead of putting it away to buy something for himself, he immediately told his Mom “I need to give this to the kids in Haiti!” Isn’t that just precious!?! Made me think that if adults did that more often, how many more people wouldn’t have to suffer so much. Sometimes it takes a little kid to remind us how things are supposed to be!

Thank you to everyone for your giving this year! It is appreciated SO much!!!

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