Home from Haiti


Some of our Artists For Hope Team traveled to Haiti again last week to spend some time with the artisans and try some new things to continue job creation in the area we work in.

We worked with some of our current artisans and it was great to see progress and dreams being fulfilled because of the jobs they now have through Artists For Hope.

We were able to spend some time hiking and soaking in the beautiful mountains and sunshine in Cazale.

We spent time with adorable children in the Rescue Center that are healing from severe malnutrition and we witnessed kids we have seen in the past that are now strong and healthy thanks to all the love and care they are receiving at Real Hope For Haiti.

We tried some new ideas.

We saw lots of smiles and enjoyed every moment in Haiti until we can return again.

Thank you to everyone who has donated artwork, purchased items, donated money or materials, and encouraged everyone at Artists For Hope this last year. Hope is truly being seen in this area as a result and we wish everyone could experience it for themselves, but know that you are making a difference in some amazing lives, both young and old.

Thank you.


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