I’m Louis Buchetto and I started this “Loving Home Series” in 2005 from my ideal to serve as an artist. Each piece, with a little heart on a house is something akin to the art I loved to create in elementary school.
So when, after 2 years of growing this series in my Flagstaff, Arizona gallery called “My Art Place Gallery” my daughter Tirza, at age 5, approached me and declared ‘You have to make a Strawberries piece, and this is what it has to stay; Strawberries are made of Love and So are You.’ I was frozen in a mysterious state of stillness that comes over me when destiny seems to be knocking at the door.

Within a few short months Tirza and I had 6 or 7 collaborative pieces of art on the walls in the gallery, it was then Tirza asked me ‘why is the gallery still called My Art Place Gallery referring to just my name on the signage.’ I laughed with joy seeing her question as a beautiful expression of independence and self love.

Up went our new sign, and the beginning of “Louis and Tirza Buchetto’s – A Loving Home Gallery – A Father and Daughter Art Team.” Over the next 5 years we had collaborated on maybe a couple dozen pieces; today I’m again creating this “Loving Home Series” on my own.

I love the fun of seeing this whole experience come full circle; from me beginning this art, to seeing how it was supported and inspired with the pure intent of a child’s love, fun, and ideals, and now back to myself with a lighter more child like perspective on life.

To learn more about the artwork created by Louis and Tirza, visit their website.